Wrapping your car will help protect the paint from dirt, dust, and ultraviolet (UV) rays that cause fading. Vinyl wrapping also provides effective protection for your car against minor scratches, dents, and dings caused by weather or other incidents, with little to no maintenance required.


Applying tint to your windows serves not only to safeguard the upholstery of your luxury vehicle from fading, gives you a sense of privacy but also provides additional benefits. Tinted windows are effective in reflecting solar heat, leading to a cooler interior even during extremely hot days. Furthermore, window tinting enhances protection by reducing the risk of shattered glass in the event of an unexpected accident.

peelable paint

Paint protection film is, first and foremost, a defensive shield for your car. This reduces impact damage from rocks and road debris while preventing premature aging, fading, cracking, and discolouration. The result is a sleek and polished aesthetic available in gloss or matte finish that looks stunning.