Our body shop offers a full range of services.

Including accident/collision repair, denting & painting, restorations, car color change, and modifications. serving as a one-stop solution, we specialize in luxury cars, catering to all your needs!



Are you interested in enhancing the value of your luxury car through a complete car paint job?


Body Kit

Elevate your car's style with a meticulously crafted body kit.


dent removal

Are you looking to eliminate car dents without harming the original paintwork?

(Removal & Painting)

Dent Repair & Scratch

Has a recent encounter resulted in noticeable scratches on your exotic vehicle's body? trust the leading auto body shop with 20+ years of experience for exceptional dent and scratch removal services!


Accident Repair

Have you experienced an accident recently? Bring your exotic vehicle to Oh My Car immediately for top-tier accident repair and restoration solutions!

(Refurbishment & Paint)


For a refined appearance of your exotic car's rims, enlist our experts for prompt and top-tier Rims Refurbishment & Paint services today!


Brake Calibers Paint

Consider a brake caliber paint job for a comprehensive solution. Enhance your car's braking performance and provide superior rust protection for the brake calibers? Consider a brake caliper paint job for a comprehensive solution.


Auto Bodyshop Services

Oh My Car services offers a comprehensive range of services including bumper repair, windscreen repair/replacement, rust proofing, headlight restoration, and more – all under one roof!

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